Artist who are set to break Grammy record in 2015

The 57th Grammy award ceremony is set to take place on Feb 8th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. It is the biggest night in music and the highest honor an artist can receive in music. With only 1 week left until the winners are revealed, let’s take a look at the nominees who are set to break records and make Grammy history.


1. Iggy Azalea

‘The new classic’ artist had an amazing year as being the first white female rapper to debut on Billboard 200 chart. Not only was she the first white female rapper to debut a single on Billboard Hot 100 charts, she also charted the longest running #1 rap song by any artist called ‘Fancy’ ft Charlie XCX. She is currently up for Record of the year, Best New Artist, Best Pop duo/group performance, and Best rap album. She has already made history by becoming the first white female rapper to earn nominations but she is set to become the first white female rapper to win a Grammy award.

My Predictions: Best Rap Album & Best New Artist


2. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj single ‘Anaconda’ is nominated for Best Rap Song. She also share a nominations for her work on Jessie J’s ‘Bang Bang’ single with Ariana Grande. ‘Anaconda’ was released in early August and in 1 day, her music video earned over 19 million views on Vevo/YouTube making ‘Anaconda” the most streamed video in 24 hours on Vevo/YouTube. Since then, she has over 350 million views on Vevo/YouTube alone. ‘Anaconda’ is one of the best selling rap singles of 2014, it peaked at #2 (Nicki’s highest peaking song on the charts), it reached at #1 on Billboard Rap charts for multiple weeks, and has been certified platinum. This single was more massive and more commercially successful than any single nominated in the Rap song category. If Nicki Minaj wins ‘Best Rap Song’ she will make history by being the first rap female artist (not featured) to win this award in the history of the Grammy’s.

My predictions: Best Rap Song & Best pop duo/group performance


3. Pharrell Williams in the first artist in the history of the Grammy’s to be nominated 3 times in the SAME NIGHT for Album of the year. His album ‘Girl’ earned him a nomination, his work on ‘Beyonce’ earned him a second, and his work on Ed Sheeran ‘X’ earned him a third nomination. This Sunday, he has a 3 out of 5 chance on winning Album of the year.

My prediction: He will win ‘album of the year’ but as a producer.


4. Beyonce

Beyonce is no stranger when it comes to breaking records or setting new records. Her top 2 prestigious Grammy records came in 2010 and 2014. Beyonce originally held a record with Lauryn Hill, Alison Krauss, Amy Winhouse, Nora Jones, and Alicia Keys by originally winning 5 Grammy’s in one night. The most Grammy’s won by a female artist. In 2010 she broke that record and set a new record for the most wins in one night by winning 6 Grammy’s. In 2012, Singer ‘Adele’ tied the record by winning 6 Grammy’s in one night. In 2014, Beyonce became the most nominated female artist in Grammy history with 51 nominations and 6 pending for the upcoming ceremony. If Beyonce wins all 6 nominations, she will tie her record she now shares with ‘Adele’ by becoming the first female artist ever to win the most Grammy awards in one night for a second time.

My predictions: Album of the year, Best Urban Contemporary Album, Best R&B Song, Best R&B Performance, Best Music Film.


5. Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy is a featured artist on her mother’s self-titled album ‘Beyonce’. She is set to win a Grammy award and become the youngest credited winner for ‘Album of the year’ for her contributions to her mother’s album and self-titled song ‘Blue’. Blue Ivy was featured on a self titled song at the age of 1. If she wins, she will be the youngest artist in history to win a Grammy award and for ‘album of the year’. Make no mistake, Taylor Swift will still hold the title as the youngest artist to win ‘Album of the year’ but as a lead artist. The entire Carter family will be Grammy winners.

My Prediction: ‘Beyonce’ will win album of the year.


6. Kanye West & Jay Z

Both Kanye West & Jay Z are the top two most awarded rap artist in Grammy history with Kanye West having a total 21 Grammy’s and Jay Z with 19 Grammy’s. Kanye West is up for 2 Grammy’s at next week’s ceremony and Jay Z is up for 4 Grammy’s for his work in collaboration with his wife Beyonce’s Self-titled album and joint concert ‘On the run’. If Jay Z wins all 4 nominations then he will surpass Kanye West as the most awarded rapper in Grammy history. If Kanye West wins both of his nominations, then he will keep his crown as the most award rapper in Grammy history.

My predictions: Jay Z will surpass Kanye West and become awarded rapper in Grammy history.

Stay tuned to see who breaks Grammy records this Sunday.


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