The Reason why Beck won ‘Album of the year’ Grammy over Beyonce

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Beck ‘Morning phase’ album was never submitted for the Grammy category ‘album of the year’. A secret Grammy committee felt it was a great album, so they submitted it.

The reason Beyonce won all of her R&B categories is because the only Grammy voters who can vote for an R&B category is an EXPERT in R&B music.

When it comes to “The Big 4” (Album of the year, Song of the year, Record of the year, and Best new artist), every voter can cast a vote in those categories.

What this means is that an EXPERT VOTER in Country music, Rock music, Classical music, Hip-Hop & R&B music, etc can vote in all 4 of those top Grammy categories. Let’s look at the Breakdown of the voters:

Beyonce clearly had the Hip-hop & R&B expert voters in her favor, but so did Pharrell Williams and Sam Smith. She had to split the voter against her peers, making her chances of winning very slim. Ed Sheeran appeals to pop, Hip-Hop, and maybe R&B voters as well due to Pharrell Williams producing the album. This leaves Beck ‘Morning Phase’ open to every other voter and in the past, Rock stars have always won in ‘album of the year’ Grammy categories over artist such as Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston.

Kanye West & the Beyhive may argue that Beyonce did indeed have a slightly higher Metacritic score over Beck, her album debuted on Billboard at #1, while his album debut at #3 on Billboard, or she “stop the world” with her surprised release. Beyonce currently has pushed over 2.2 million albums in the US alone, while Beck only pushed a whopping 301,000 albums. We can now conclude that Beck did not win because he had the better album, he won because he appealed to a larger portion of the Grammy voters.

Overall, Beyonce not winning ‘album of the year’ will go down in history for one of the biggest snubs in Grammy history.


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