Big Sean debuts at #1 & Kid Rock debuts at #2 on Billboard 200 Chart

bigsean BigSeanDarkSkyParadise1

Billboard music charts posted every Thursday for the upcoming week and this Thursday, you can expect Big Sean ‘Dark Sky Paradise’ to top Billboard 200 album charts as the best selling album in the country this week with record sales of 173,000 with streams (139,000 albums sold).

‘Dark Sky Paradise’ is Big Sean’s third studio album and his first #1 album on Billboard 200 album charts. “Finally Famous’ debuted at 3 back in 2011 and ‘Hall of fame’ debut at #3 in 2013 on Billboard 200 album chart. Congratulations to Big Sean on having the #1 album in the country this week.

kidrockfirst kid rock2

Kid Rock debuts at #2 on Billboard 200 album chart with record sales of 146,000 with streams (137,000 albums sold). This is Kid Rock highest debut on Billboard 200 Chart in his 25 year career. Early this week, Kid Rock sparked controversy by referencing the quality and sound of Beyonce’s music, career, and body. After setting off Beyonce’s fan base ‘Beyhive’, they took to social media to ‘storm’ and ‘snatch every edge on Kid Rock’s head’ by questioning the quality of his music, career, and record sales. This is believed to be a ‘gimmick’ by Kid Rock to spark controversy by disrespecting one of the biggest entertainers of all time and getting her fan base to ‘stream’ his music and ‘buzz’ his name to boost album sales for his debut week. Well! Kid Rock, you fell short of the #1 by a few albums, maybe you should just try releasing ‘iconic’ songs in the future and hope that the world loves and support it.


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