A few Billboard 200 records set by Artist

Let’s take a look back at a few records broken by some of the world’s current artist.

Billboard 200 History

*First album to debut at #1 on Billboard:
Elton John: Captain Fantastic…..(1975)

*First female album to debut at #1 on Billboard:
Whitney Houston: Whitney (1987)

*Artist Most cumulative weeks at #1:
The Beatles (132)

Male artist:
Elvis Presley (67
Michael Jackson (51)

Female Artist:
Whitney Houston (46)
Taylor Swift (34)
Mariah Carey (32)

*Albums Most weeks at #1
West Side Story (54)

Male Artist
Michael Jackson-‘Thriller’ (37)
Harry Belafonte-‘Calypso’ (31)

Female Artist
Adele- ’21’ (24)
Whitney Houston (20)

*Most #1 albums:
The Beatles (19)

Male artist
Jay Z (13)

Female artist
Barbra Streisand (10)

*Most top 10 albums
Rolling stone (36)

Male and female artist tied
Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand (33)

*Oldest artist to debut at #1
Tony Bennett (88 yrs old)
Barbra Streisand (76 yrs old)

*Most consecutive #1 albums
The Beatles/rolling stone (8)

Male artist:
Elton John/Eminem (7)

Female artist
Madonna/Beyonce (5)

*Most consecutive albums to DEBUT at #1
Dave Matthews Band and Eminem (6)
Madonna and Beyonce (5)

BEYONCE is the ONLY female artist to debut her first 5 albums at #1. She broke Brittany Spears record with her first 4 albums to debut at #1.

DMX is the ONLY male artist to debut his first 5 albums at #1

*Multiple albums in the top 10 simultaneously.
The Kingston trio (4)
Whitney Houston (3)


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