Rihanna becomes the BEST SELLING BLACK FEMALE artist of ALL TIME and 2nd Overall.

RocNation Confirms Rihanna has sold over 230 million records worldwide, making her the best selling black artist of all time and the 2nd best-selling female artist only behind Madonna.

According to RIAA, Rihanna has total certified albums US sales of 10 million & US digital single sales of 79 million bring her total to 89 million records sales in the US and 230 million total record sales worldwide. Rihanna is the best selling digital artist of all time.

Congratulations to Motha Navy, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.


1. Madonna is the Best selling female artist of all time with worldwide record sales of 300 million and counting. No female artist has sold 300 million beside Madonna.

2. Rihanna comes in at #2 with 230 million worldwide records sold.

3. Mariah Carey is the 3rd best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

4. Whitney Houston is the 4th best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.

5. Celine Dion is the 5th best selling artist of all time with over 200 million records sold worldwide.


Other artist who are also the best selling female artist of all time: Britney Spears, Barbara Streisand, Beyonce, Brittany Spears, Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa.


24 thoughts on “Rihanna becomes the BEST SELLING BLACK FEMALE artist of ALL TIME and 2nd Overall.

  1. HILARIOUSLY FUNNY!!!! And the ONLY ones that can SING are; Whitney, Celine, and Mariah!!!!! Your article forgot to read: BEST selling female NOT based on TALENT!!!! Rihanna is NOT a SINGER!!! JUST ” ENTERTAINMENT”!!!!


    • She is on par and sound much better than her white counterparts. I know for black artist you keep comparing their vocal abilities to Whitney Houston and for the white artist all they have to do is hold a note. Stop hating.


  2. Based on sales worldwide, I highly doubt that these are certified sales most likely estimated or claimed. According to certified sales Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitley Houston are still far ahead.


  3. I am not convinced that this article reflects the truth. I think it is grossly misleading. Aren’t these figures based on digital sales and not album sales?


  4. complete lies !! rihanna has 150 million records sold worldwide, well mariah has over 200,000 sold worldwide, and rihanna has 41 million albums sold worldwide while Mariah Carey has 54 million sold, do your facts before making up stories


    • According to her record label RocNation, Rihanna has over 100 million singles sold in the US (Only artist in history to do this), an extra 90 million world wide, plus an extra 40 million albums WW, bring her total to 230 million.

      Whitney, Mariah, and Celine ONLY sold 200 million. Madonna sold 300 million.


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      • Please ! Rihanna has sold 100 million singles in US,yes ,however she doesn’t sold 90 million singles in the rest of the world,you fool ! US is by far her greatest market,and also the largest music market worldwide.Rihanna’s success doesn’t exist in Asia .She sold 14 million singles in UK,5 million singles in Germany and 4,5 million singles in France ( 23,5 million singles in the 3 largest european countries worthing 80 % of European music market ).She sold less than 5 million singles in Canada and less than 4 million singles in Australia .No way she could sell 190 million singles worldwide.She’s at 160 million singles the most,worldwide.So no.Rihanna is the 4th best selling female artist of all time,not second


  5. Find this hard to believe! And the 100M singles isnt that also based on VeVO views or something? Rihanna albums haven’t all been amazing sellers some even kinda flopped and u can’t really base this off single sales the should just look at album sales and I like rhianna but lets be real madonna and rhianna both can’t sing!


  6. This list is a joke. Rihanna has a lot of single sales but her CERTIFIED sales is less than all of the other women on this list. No legitimate list of all time best selling artists places Rihanna as the 2nd highest female artist or the highest selling black female artist of all time.


      • Please re read my comment before posting. I clearly said that Rihanna reportedly has less certified SALES than all of the women on this list. A good portion of Rihanna’s certified singles/albums are from streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora not actual SALES. This is a new certification rule created not to long ago by the RIAA that hands out gold, platinum and double platinum certifications for album/single streams. This means that if an album/single gets streamed a certain amount of times, it will get a certification even though the customers are not actually PAYING for that PARTICULAR album/single (they’re just paying their usual $10 monthly fee for the use of service). In theory it is actually possible for one artist to sell more albums one week but still rank number two, because a lesser selling album had more streams/Youtube videos than the highest selling album. I’m not taking away anything from Rihanna’s success or popularity and I’m pretty sure that she legitimately did sell a good amount of singles and albums. However, ALL of her certifications were not achieved the same way that the other women on this list have and that needs to be taken into account before giving her any titles.


  7. After creating the new rule the RIAA actually went BACK and awarded Rihanna with a bunch of new certifications for every time her song was streamed a certain amount of times on Spotify/Pandora. Many of these streams were FREE as you do not have to pay to use Spotify. So basically Rihanna did not actually SALE all of those singles/albums certifications she’s being credited with.


  8. Lies ! Rihanna has sold 180 million records worldwide,Mariah carey is the second best selling female artist of all time with 250 million records sold ( 175 million albums and 75 million singles )


    • Rihanna has over 100 million in certification in the US Alone for SINGLES, over 190 million singles sold and 40 million albums sold WORLDWIDE. Her RECORD COMPANY reported these numbers and who have access to her valid numbers???? RocNation. Don’t debate me, debate Soundscan and RIAA. She is #2. Mariah, Whitney, and Celine has sold nothing since 05. Rihanna is STILL selling.


  9. Good for her, here’s a few points: This is a bit exaggerated, is streaming now considered as certification? I mean it’s a bit fast that she sold 230 million. She’s a singles artist, the top sellers are albums. I think there should be a balance.


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