Katy Perry Shades Taylor Swift, VMA Eligibility Period, & MTV; MTV Avatar pic ‘MTV: White People’

…and the ‘TwitWar’ Continues and Katy Perry just enter the Royal Rumble ring and throws ‘Shade’ at Taylor by tweeting:


Taylor Swift recently released her 4th single ‘Bad Blood’ which is rumored to be a diss song towards Katy Perry over a recent freud over backup dancers. ‘Bad Blood’ artwork consist of a ‘Teapot’ next to a Grammy as an indication that “Katy doesn’t have a Grammy”…*sips tea.

Katy Perry also shades the VMA/MTV eligibility period which is from 7/1/14-7/1/15 in which ‘BBHMM’ by Rihanna barely but did make the deadline. We may have to wait until next year to see if Rihanna can snag her 3rd VOTY (Video of the year) w.


With all the racial interaction in the urban community, @MTV thought it was a smart idea to promote the new documentary series ‘White People’ scheduled to debut soon. During the exact time for being under heat for allegedly ‘shading’ certain video from the major categories for due to sexism, skin color, and self-exploitation-to ADD ‘White People’ as their avatar profile picture on ‘Twitter’. Is this a racially motivated tactic to feed into the drama? If so, BAD IDEA.



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