The Biggest Twitter Rant Goes To Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, Followed by ‘Other’ Artist Intervening

On July 21, 2015, The 2015 VMA nominations were revealed and Nicki Minaj was every bit of ‘Pissed’ because her videos ‘Anaconda’ was snubbed for ‘Video of the year’ category and ‘Feeling myself’ ft Beyonce was snubbed for every category.

…and the rant begins…Did Nicki lie? NO


…then Taylor responds…


…then others intervene…

FB_IMG_1437546393304-1 FB_IMG_1437546384870-1FB_IMG_1437546379008-1FB_IMG_1437546076281

…then Meek Mills goes on a rant and also deleted all photos of his ‘girl’ Nicki. SB & Drake are targets of his rant….FB_IMG_1437546358118

Meek states Rapper Drake doesn’t write his own raps and Nicki Former Boyfriend ‘SB’ is Gay. Stay tune next month to watch this year VMA awards to see jow the drama unfolds.


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