Rihanna Pays ‘Fan’ College Tuition By Donating Money at Tidal Event.

Back in July, Rihanna kidnapped 80 fans and their 1 extra guest by blind-folding them and taking them to a secret location. Once the fans arrived at the undisclosed location, fans were greeted with an EXCLUSIVE screening of #BBHMM ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ video. Fans were asked to sign confidentiality forms and turn over all electronic devices before they were kidnapped. After the screening of the video, Rihanna appears to conversate with her fans and asked them for their opinion of her debut self-directed video.

After the Q&A, Rihanna came to have a meet & greet with her fans. She had no security and a cup of liquor to ‘turn-up’ with her fans. One fan by the name of Louis Jones (Twitter: @louievreveals Instagram: @teacher2masters2phd ) started to have a conversation with Rihanna. You could hear him verbalizing all of her accomplishments. He spoke of her 13 #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100, 26 top ten hits on Billboard, her 100 million singles certified by RIAA making her the only artist in history to accomplish this, and how Rihanna is the Best-selling Black Female Artist today & Second overall female only behind Madonna. You could see Rihanna begin to get teary eyed and was sooo shy as the entire crowd listened as if he was presented her with ANOTHER Icon award.

She then got up out her seat to hug him and talk with him face to face. He could be seen whispering something to her and she looked surprised. After the conversation, she handed him ‘stacks of money’. The amount is undisclosed but he hugged her tight and he begin to jump up and down as his friend cheered him on. Rihanna told him, “Congratulations Baby, you deserve it, keep going, and I love you”. The entire audience also congratulated him on his gift from Rihanna. Louis is a Graduate student studying Psychology at a Doctorates level. He stated, “I attended the event as a gift to myself for completing Graduate school that week because I couldn’t afford to attend the actual ceremony in Chicago in the upcoming days. Rihanna contribution helped pay for a lot of expenses and a round trip flight to the actual Ceremony. Thank you RiRi”.

After the event, @teacher2masters2phd took to twitter to thank his idol Rihanna for her contribution to his success:

“I seriously want to thank Rihanna @badgalriri for BLESSING me with MONEY to go to graduation. I attended #TidalxRihanna Private Event in Los Angeles on July 1st, I had an entire conversation with her about me and how I’m planning to graduate with my master degrees next week and she reached in her pocket and gave me all the money she had and said CONGRATULATIONS BOO! And how proud she was of Me. I’ve thought of her all day today and I want to THANK HER AGAIN for BLESSING me with what I needed to accept my award. She really saved me. If you were at the event then you know exactly who I am. This is NOT a hoax. I’m crying because Rihanna is everything I ever imagined her to be plus more. She really cared for ALL of her fans. Can the world ACKNOWLEDGE Rihanna (@badgalriri) for being a blessing to me, my family, and everyone. Let’s honor her contribution. Please SHARE.

#tidalxrihannabbhmm #tidal #tidalforall #tidalxrihanna #rihanna #rihannanavy”

-IG: @teacher2masters2phd Twitter: @Louievreveals


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