Adele new video ‘Hello’ breaks Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ Vevo Record.


After a 3 year hiatus, Singer-Songwriter Adele returns with her first single ‘Hello’ and a visual project. In the first 22 hours, the ‘Hello’ video has officially become the most streamed video in Vevo History with 20.2 million views, breaking Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ video record which sat at 20.1 million views in 24 hours.

image image

Vevo Most Streamed Video in 24 hours:

  1. Adele ‘Hello’ 20.2 million views and counting
  2. Taylor Swift ‘Bad Blood’ 20.1 million views
  3. Nicki Minaj ‘Anaconda’ 19.6 million views
  4. Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’ 19.1 million views

The ‘Hello’ single is already #1 on iTunes with over 275,000 digital singles sold in the first 24 hours and is on track to break Taylor Swift record for her single ‘We are never ever getting back together’ which sold 623,000 digital singles in the US during the first week. ’25’ is currently #1 on iTunes Album Chart based off Pre-Orders. The album is schedule to be released on Friday, Nov 20th, 2015 & is expect to debut at #1 with the biggest first week sale of her career and possibly become the 20th album in the US to sell 1 million albums in a single week.


Good Luck Adele!


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