Adele breaks Whitney Houston records for most singles sold in a week.



In 1992, Whitney Houston released a rendition to Dolly Parton #1 single, “I will always love you”. Whitney Houston’ cover sold 632,000 copies in a week. This record was set by Nielson Soundscan as the most physical singles sold in a week. This record would go on to be unmatched forever because physical singles are close to extinction with the new digital era. There is a BIG difference between physical singles sold and digital downloads. Physical singles required you to go to your local retailer to purchase music in person while digital singles can be purchased right from your finger tips.

This week, Adele broke Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ digital record and set a new one with over 750,000 singles sold and is expected to be the first artist in music history to sell one million singles in a week. With almost 1 million singles sold and almost 100k video streams in a week’s period, Adele has already reserved her spot atop of Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and is expected to stay there for awhile.

Let’s be honest! Rihanna is the only artist that can move any artist from the number #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100. She is expected to drop her new single and new album ‘Anti’ ANY day now.

Congratulations to Adele on all her success. Her new album drops on Nov 20th and predictions by @louievreveals are 1 million or more albums sold in the first week. If this happens, Adele will become the first artist in history to debut 1 million singles and 1 million albums.

Biggest Single Sale Week:

Adele ‘Hello’ 800k and counting (Digital Only)

Whitney Houston ‘I will always love you’  632k (Physical only)



2 thoughts on “Adele breaks Whitney Houston records for most singles sold in a week.

  1. Adele did not break Whitney’s record. Are you really looking at the right tools used for her sales? Most of Adele’s first week sales are from music streaming – something Billboard has recently started doing. Whitney’s sales were actually PHYSICAL SALES. No internet streams, no Itunes, Google play or none of that. Whitney’s sales are actual physical sales, when ppl had to to get up out of their bed, leave their homes, g to the crowded music stores and BUY the album or singles physically. MAJOR DIFFERENCE


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