Adele’s new album ’25’ is set to break Beyonce Guinness World Record.


On Dec 13th, 2013, Beyonce dropped her 5th solo self-titled visual album ‘BEYONCE’. This album instantly went viral, breaking every digital album record ever set. In the first 3 hours, ‘BEYONCE’ sold 80,000 copies. In the first 24 hours, she soar passed 400k albums. After the first 2 days, she sold 550,000 albums, before finally closing out the week after day 3 with a record breaking 617,223 in the US alone and 828,773 copies world wide. Beyonce album became the fastest selling album on iTunes in music history. Today, iTunes is the biggest music store in the world. On day 6, iTunes reported that ‘BEYONCE’ sold over 1 million digital albums through iTunes worldwide and on the 7th day, she sold over 750,000 albums in the US, setting the record for the best first week sales by a black female artist and the FIRST ALBUM to sell 1 MILLION DIGITAL copies in the first week WORLDWIDE.


According to Chart News, Adele has already crossed over 500,000 digital pre-orders on iTunes for her new album ’25’ which is scheduled to released Nov 20th, 2015. She will have 3 days to sell an extra 330,000 to break the iTunes/Guinness World Record held by Beyonce with 617K in the US and 828k worldwide in 3 days.


Adele is scheduled to sell over 2 million albums in the first week (US sales) and over 3 million albums worldwide. The act in music history to push these numbers was Nynsc ‘No strings attached; back in 2000. Nynsc sold 2.4 million albums in a week, setting the record for the biggest week sale in music history. Can Adele break this record? Doubt it!

Her new single ‘Hello’ has already broken quite a few records. So far! it debut the biggest first week sales for a digital single with 1.1 million digital singles sold in the US alone. The only single to sell 1 million or more singles was Elton John “Candle in the wind’ rendition as a tribute to Princess Diana. He sold over 3 million physical singles in a week. The following week, he sold over 1 million physical singles.



5 thoughts on “Adele’s new album ’25’ is set to break Beyonce Guinness World Record.

  1. The author is so quick to diminish Beyoncé’s accomplishments that they can’t even get the facts straight. The Beyoncé album was dropped in 2013, NOT 2015 which isn’t even here yet!!! Please fact check and intelligently edit your work before you attempt come for someone!🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #beyhive

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  2. Fastest selling on iTunes is a record? The real record we should be looking at is total first week sales for a female artist. Britney Spears sold 1.3 million albums in one week, a record she has held since 2000. Adele might finally top that. That will be a much more interesting achievement.


  3. The biggest first week sales by a black female artist is Whitney Houston when she sold a million copies from the bodyguard soundtrack, and if you count Norah jones bc her father is Indian and black, she also has a million copies sold with her second album feels like home back in 2004


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