Beyonce holds her title as the fastest selling digital album on iTunes in 24 hours, Adele ’25’ is #2


On Dec 13th, 2013, Beyonce dropped her 5th solo self-titled visual album ‘BEYONCE’. This album instantly went viral, breaking every digital album record ever set. In the first 3 hours, ‘BEYONCE’ sold 80,000 copies. In the first 24 hours, she soar passed 400k albums. After the first 2 days, she sold 550,000 albums, before finally closing out the week after day 3 with a record breaking 617,223 in the US alone and 828,773 copies world wide. Beyonce album became the fastest selling album on iTunes in music history. Today, iTunes is the biggest music store in the world. On day 6, iTunes reported that ‘BEYONCE’ sold over 1 million digital albums through iTunes worldwide (3 day sales of 617,000 albums) and on the 7th day, she sold over 750,000 albums in the US, setting the record for the best first week sales by a black female artist and the FIRST ALBUM to sell 1 MILLION DIGITAL copies in the first week WORLDWIDE.


On Nov 20th, 2015, Adele released ’25’her 3rd solo album. Within the first 24 hours, Adele crossed 900,000 albums on iTunes. This number does not count other music retailers such as Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart, GooglePlay, etc. With 6 days to go, Adele is expected to break the record for most albums sold in a week, becoming the 20th album in music history to sell over 1 million copies and the 2nd act to sell over 2 million copies. N’sync ‘No strings attached’ pushed 2.4 million albums back in 2000, being the only act to go double platinum in 1 week.

Before Adele’s ’25’ release, she already had over 500,000 albums PRE-ORDERED. This number started to accumulate back in Oct 2015, when her record breaking single ‘Hello’ was released. Starting Nov 20th, 2015 at 12:00am, Adele has only sold 400,000 albums on iTunes alone in the first day. Beyonce self-tilted album sold 430,000 albums in the first 24 hours. Beyonce iTunes 24 hour  digital album sales is still UNMATCHED.

At the end of the 7 day sale week period, Adele has to cross 750,000 digital albums sold ONLY to iTunes to break Beyonce 7 day digital sale week. This record will be broken, making Adele ’25’ album the FASTEST SELLING ALBUM IN MUSIC HISTORY. All hail to Beyonce for setting the record so high and all hail to Adele for setting new standards.



4 thoughts on “Beyonce holds her title as the fastest selling digital album on iTunes in 24 hours, Adele ’25’ is #2

  1. Lmao what kind of lame logic is this? Only a Beyonce stan would think this makes sense

    There were no pre-orders for that Beyonce album because it was unannounced, end of story. Adele smashed her record.

    Maybe if Bey stopped stealing writing credits/faking pregnancies and focused on making real music then ppl would respect her


  2. Beyonce , she’s woundful working hard, also Abele she good we need wemen how r t aren’t ed to love each other like u see how did .so love also we as followers we don’t have to be gelous, if u don’t like beyonce’ musuc, u don’t have to comment dirty things, because no body forcing u to watch. Infact that lady l mean beyonce is the one how make lady to wakeup. So l gave her 100 percent credits. Thanks .


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