Drake’s ‘Views’ goes #1 on Billboard 200 with the LOWEST albums sales in Music History.


‘Views’ bested the likes of Beyonce, Usher, and Rihanna‘s top-sellers to regain the coveted #1 spot.  Yet, while some voiced concern over the 51,000 equivalent album sales moved to get there, their concern grew to worry when it was revealed only 7,000 of those units were actual album sales.

That’s right, 7,000.

And, while there’s no way to ignore that glaring number, it’s simply a telling sign of how much streaming has become the industry’s true indicator of a project’s popularity.  For, if 1,500 streams = 1 album unit shifted, then Drake’s album was streamed over 55 million times this week alone (almost 4 months after its release).  This, from where I’m standing, speaks volumes to the project’s staying power and overall interest from the public…just not the buying public.

Just 5 month’s ago, Rihanna spent her 2nd week atop of Billboard 200 with 55k units and 17,000 in actual sales. At that time, ‘Anti’ was the album to go #1 with the lowest sales in music history.

Since it’s release back in May 2016, Drake has sold over 1.5 million albums in the US, 2.3 million copies worldwide, and is certified 3x platinum by the RIAA. This is the 3rd longest rap album in Billboard History with 13 weeks at #1

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