Beyonce Becomes The Most Awarded Artist At Billboard Music Awards


Beyonce continues to rack up the accolades.

Ahead of this evening’s Billboard Music Awards, it has been revealed that Queen Bey has become the most awarded act at the coveted ceremony.

At the untelevised pre-show, the 36-year-old bagged five honors – a feat that saw her eclipse Taylor Swift as the most rewarded name in BBMA history.

For, Bey now has 11 awards with Destiny’s Child and 11 solo – totaling 22 (and besting Swift’s 21).

Here is a list of each Billboard win:

Year 2000: Artist of the Year, Duo/Group of the Year, Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year, Hot 100 Singles Duo or Group of the Year (4 total).

Year 2001: Artist of the Year, Duo/Group of the Year, Hot 100 Singles Artist of the Year, Hot 100 Singles Duo or Group of the Year, Soundtrack single of the year: Independent Women Part 1 (5 total).

Year 2003: New Female Artist, Hot 100 Female Artist, Hot 100 Award for Most Weeks at No. 1 in a Calendar Year, New R&B Artist (4 Total).

Year 2004: Artist Achievement Award (1 Total).

Year 2005: R&B/HipHop Group of the Year (1 Total).

Year 2011: Billboard Millennium Award, Top R&B Album (2 Total).

Year 2017: Top Female Artist, Top Touring Artist, Top R&B Artist, Top R&B Album, Top R&B Tour (5).

She is expected to lose Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Artist, & Top Billboard 200 Album to Drake but Congratulations are still in order for the Queen Bey.


Nielsen Soundscan Updates US Album Sales

According to Nielsen Soundscan Record Sales Report for the week of Nov 3rd, 2016, here is a list of pure albums in the US and album sales with SEA & TEA.

  1. Beyonce- 17.7 million pure sales; 26.3 million with SEA & TEA
  2. Nicki Minaj- 3.6 million pure sales; 8.7 million with SEA & TEA
  3. Rihanna- 11 million pure sales; 22.8 million with SEA & TEA
  4. Usher- 24 million pure sales; 29.2 million with SEA & TEA
  5. Whitney Houston- 11.4 million pure sales; 13.2 million with SEA & TEA
  6. Mariah Carey-46.7 million pure sales; 49.6 million with SEA & TEA
  7. Madonna- 24.8 million pure sales; 27.1 million with SEA & TEA
  8. Celine Dion-51.5 million pure sales; 52.9 million with SEA & TEA
  9. Britney Spears- 33.5 million pure sales; 37.9 million SEA & TEA
  10. Barbra Streisand- 20.9 million pure sales; 21.4 million SEA & TEA
  11. Alicia Keys- 20.1 million pure sales; 25.2 million SEA & TEA

Exclusive: According to Nielsen Soundscan, Beyonce Current US & Worldwide Album Sales


Beyonce: Dangerously in Love (2003)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 5.1 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 6 million / Qualifies for 6x Platinum by RIAA
Worldwide Sales: 16 million


Beyonce: B’day (2006)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 3.8 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 4.5 million /Qualifies for 4x Platinum by RIAA
Worldwide Sales: 12 million


Beyonce: I Am…Sasha Fierce (2008)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 3.4 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 6.4 million/ Qualifies for 6x Platinum by RIAA
Worldwide Sales: 16 million


Beyonce: ‘4’ (2011)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 1.5 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 3.2 million /Qualifies for 3x Platinum by RIAA
Worldwide Sales: 5 million


Beyonce: BEYONCE (2013)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 2.4 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 4.5 million /Qualifies for 4x Platinum by RIAA                Worldwide Sales: 8 million


Beyonce: LEMONADE (2016)
Billboard 200, Peak Position: #1
US Sales: 1.5 million
US Sales w/ SEA & TEA: 2.1 million /Qualifies for 2x Platinum by RIAA
Worldwide Sales: 4 million

Beyonce has the most albums sold in the US by a female black artist (emerging in the 2000’s) with 26.3 Million albums sold in the US w/ SEA & TEA (17.7 million pure sales).

Beyonce has sold 61 million albums WORLDWIDE

Destiny’s Child sold 18.6 Million in the US w/ SEA & TEA & 40 Million WORLDWIDE

*’Dangerously in Love’ album does not qualify for Diamond certification due to album being more successful overseas, streams and single sales were not enough to push album.

Source: Nielsen Soundscan Report for the Week of November 3rd, 2016.




Carrie Underwood has the highest certified Country album of the millennium, Beating out all 5 of Taylor Swift Albums.

Carrie Underwood’s Some Hearts Goes 8x Multi-Platinum, the Highest Album Certification of Any Country Artist to Emerge Since 2000!

New RIAA Honors Include Multi-Platinum Leaps Across All of Underwood’s Studio Catalog and a Platinum Certification for 2015’s Storyteller

Underwood Continues Reign as the All-Time Top Country Artist on the RIAA’s Digital Single Ranking

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Nashville, TN – More than a decade into her career, 19 Recordings/Arista Nashville superstar Carrie Underwood remains a consistent fan-favorite, as the CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee becomes the RIAA’s highest certified country album artist to debut this century, amid a wave of new RIAA album certifications across her entire studio catalog.

On the heels of three back-to-back #1 singles, Underwood’s 2015 Storyteller album is now certified Platinum while each of her first four studio albums add Multi-Platinum certifications. These include Blown Away (now 2x Multi-Platinum), Play On (3x Multi-Platinum), Carnival Ride(4x Multi-Platinum), and Underwood’s blockbuster debut, Some Hearts, now at 8x Multi-Platinum.

Of all country albums now RIAA certified at 8 million or more, Underwood’s 2005 debut stands as the youngest in the tally, also earning her the distinction of the highest album certification of any country artist to emerge since 2000.

Underwood already holds the distinction of being the current Top Country Artist (male or female) on RIAA’s Digital Single Ranking with 28 million (also making her among the Top 5 females in the history of the RIAA’s Digital Single Program, across all genres).

Having played to more than 800,000 fans so far since its launch, Underwood is currently headlining The Storyteller Tour – Stories in the Round through the end of November, including tomorrow night’s sold out show at Madison Square Garden. From there the tour will stop for shows in Albany, NY and Uncasville, CT before taking a brief break from the tour for Carrie to return to Nashville where, on November 2nd, she’ll join Brad Paisley as the CMA Awards co-host for a ninth consecutive year. The 50th Annual CMA Awards airs live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena at 8 PM/ET on ABC. This year, Underwood garnered her first nomination for the coveted CMA Entertainer of the Year award, as well as nominations for Female Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year for Storyteller, and Musical Event of the Year with Keith Urban for “The Fighter.”

Pictured (left to right):

Kevin Kelleher, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Sony Music Entertainment; Randy Goodman, Chairman and CEO, Sony Music Nashville; Carrie Underwood; Sony Music Entertainment’s Doug Morris, CEO, and Julie Swidler, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs and General Counsel.


RIAA is planning to certify their 12th DIAMOND single, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy, Carly Rae Jepsen & More are all eligible.



The RIAA took to Twitter today to announce that they will be adding a 12th new diamond certified single to the 11 current diamond singles. The list will be revealed on October 5th, 2016 but here is a list of single that are high contenders for this award:

  2. KATY PERRY        ROAR
  5. RIHANNA            WE FOUND LOVE
  7. FLO RIDA             LOW
  12. KATY PERRY        E.T.
  13. LADY GAGA         JUST DANCE


Drake’s ‘Views’ goes #1 on Billboard 200 with the LOWEST albums sales in Music History.


‘Views’ bested the likes of Beyonce, Usher, and Rihanna‘s top-sellers to regain the coveted #1 spot.  Yet, while some voiced concern over the 51,000 equivalent album sales moved to get there, their concern grew to worry when it was revealed only 7,000 of those units were actual album sales.

That’s right, 7,000.

And, while there’s no way to ignore that glaring number, it’s simply a telling sign of how much streaming has become the industry’s true indicator of a project’s popularity.  For, if 1,500 streams = 1 album unit shifted, then Drake’s album was streamed over 55 million times this week alone (almost 4 months after its release).  This, from where I’m standing, speaks volumes to the project’s staying power and overall interest from the public…just not the buying public.

Just 5 month’s ago, Rihanna spent her 2nd week atop of Billboard 200 with 55k units and 17,000 in actual sales. At that time, ‘Anti’ was the album to go #1 with the lowest sales in music history.

Since it’s release back in May 2016, Drake has sold over 1.5 million albums in the US, 2.3 million copies worldwide, and is certified 3x platinum by the RIAA. This is the 3rd longest rap album in Billboard History with 13 weeks at #1

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Rihanna is NOT the Best-Selling Black Female Artist nor is she 2nd Best-Selling Female Artist of All Time


Earlier this year, Roc Nation made several claims that their record label ‘queen’ Rihanna has crossed over 250 million records worldwide and became the Best-selling black female artist of all time & the 2nd best-selling female artist overall. This claim demoted the holy trinity, Whitney, Mariah, & Celine to 3rd, 4th, & 5th overall sellers. After selling over 35 million albums worldwide (60 million with streams & shipments) and over 100 million singles (200 million with SPS), Rihanna has accumulated over 260 million units to her name.

The confusion comes in with the numbers of her competition such as Madonna, Beyonce, Janet, Britney Spears, Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. The industry has introduced a new avenue for record selling such as STREAMS (per sales) or SPS. Below is the new method break down:

1500 streams from a services =1 record sold

10 tracks sold from the same album = 1 album sold

With Rihanna being the ‘stream queen’ and in fact, the best-selling digital artist of all time & best-selling artist of the millennium, she has benefited the most from this new service. The industry has started to update every artist record sales using this new streaming formula and all new artist and music has been prioritized. Rihanna worldwide sales of 260 million units includes:

A collaboration of Record…Albums, Singles, Ringtones, Videos, DVDs, Streams, & Track Equivalent are all considered a RECORD. It doesn’t matter if an artist sold 50 million albums & 200 million singles versus an artist who sold 100 million albums and 75 million singles. The artist with 50 million albums & 200 million singles sold more  RECORDS, despite selling less albums.

Whitney Houston & other artist are a prime example of why Rihanna is being demoted. Whitney Houston sophomore album, ‘Whitney’ sold 9 million copies in the US alone as of the year 1999. This album since then has not been certified Diamond. It’s been 18 years to date since this album has been updated. If you apply all the extra record sales, streams, shipments & tracks, this album will be well over 15 million.

Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ album has been updated from Diamond to 3x diamond (32x platinum). This will allow older artist to place correctly on the Best-selling all time list. Nelly’s ‘Country Grammar’ album is crossed over to Diamond certification with 6.5 million albums sold in the US. Destiny’s Child ‘The Writing’s on the wall’ also is 9x platinum with 8 million sold in the US and has been waiting for Diamond certification for over 10 years.

Once all record sales are updated, the Best-selling female artist list will be placed in this order.

  1. Madonna (400 million)
  2. Mariah Carey (300 million)
  3. Whitney Houston (300 million)
  4. Celine Dion (300 million)
  5. Britney Spears (260 million)
  6. Rihanna (260 million)
  7. Janet (200 million)
  8. Beyonce (190 million Solo/270 million total w/Destiny’s Child)
  9. Lady gaga (190 million)
  10. Taylor Swift (180 million)

The Best-selling female artist of all time is: Madonna

The Best-selling black female artist of all time is: Mariah Carey/ Whitney Houston *too close to decide.

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Rihanna’s ‘Good girl gone bad’ album is 5X platinum w/ 15 million albums sold.


9 years ago today, Rihanna released her 3rd studio album ‘Good girl gone bad’ on May 31st, 2007. Good Girl Gone Bad spawned five singles, including the international hits “Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop The Music”. In support of the album, Rihanna embarked on her first worldwide concert tour, the Good Girl Gone Bad Tour. The album was reissued as Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded in June 2008 with three new songs, including the Billboard Hot 100 number-one hits “Take a Bow” and “Disturbia”. -@louievreveals

The album received seven Grammy Award nominations and one win in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category for “Umbrella” at the 2008 ceremony. The album debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200 chart and sold 162,000 copies in its first week.

Today, this album has been certified 5x platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the album reached number one in Canada, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, with over 15 million records sold worldwide.

In her 10 year career, Rihanna has sold over 58 million albums and 210 singles (268 millions records worldwide), she is the best selling black female artist (2nd best overall female selling artist) in music history.




Rihanna is the only Black Female [Lead] Artist to go #1 on Billboard Hot 100 this Decade, Janelle Monae is the Second but as Featured Artist.


This week, Rihanna spends her 3rd week atop of Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Her single ‘Work’ featuring Drake is the first single from her 8th studio platinum album ‘Anti’. Rihanna currently has 14 #1 singles and is the 3rd act with the most #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100 in Billboard History. Since January 1st, 2010, Rihanna is the ONLY black female artist to chart at least (1) single on Billboard Hot 100 charts as a LEAD artist. The following singles charted on Billbaord at #1:

  1. Rihanna: Rude Boy (March 2010-April 2010).
  2. Eminem Feat Rihanna: Love the way you lied (July 2010-Sept 2010) *Featured Artist
  3. Rihanna Feat Drake: What’s my name (Nov 2010)
  4. Rihanna: Only Girl in the world (Dec 2010) *Rihanna became the first artist in history to have her second single chart #1 BEFORE the first single chart at #1.
  5. Rihanna Feat Britney Spears: S&M (April 2011)
  6. Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris: We Found Love (Nov 2011-Jan 2012)
  7. Rihanna: Diamonds (Dec 2012)
  8. Eminem Feat Rihanna: The Monster (December 2013-January 2014) *Featured Artist
  9. Rihanna Feat Drake: Work (March 2016)


Janelle Monae is the second Black Female artist to earn a #1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 but as a featured artist and not a lead artist. A #1 single is still a #1 single and is well earned. Janelle Monae was a featured artist on the smash single ‘We are Young’ by Fun. This song charted at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 in March 2012 and stayed atop for 6 consecutive weeks.

Congratulations to both artist on this great record.

According to the RIAA, Beyonce & Nicki Minaj are the ONLY two black females to go Double Platinum this decade.


Beyonce self-titled album was released on December 13th, 2013. Within the first 3 days, Beyonce sold over 617,000 albums and 828,000 albums worldwide. In the first 7 days, Beyonce broke the biggest first 7 day sales by a black female artist with album sales totaling more than 745,000 albums and became the first black female artist in history to sell 1 million albums worldwide in the FIRST 7 days. To date, this album has sold over 2.3 million albums in the US and has shipped over 5 million albums worldwide. This is the first album by a black female artist to receive a double platinum certification this decade by the RIAA (Sales Only).


Nicki Minaj released her 3rd studio ‘The Pink print’ on December 12th, 2014. The album opened up with a first week units totaling to 250,000 albums (202,000 in pure sales). To date, this album has sold almost 700,000 in the United States. Because of the new RIAA rule– album stream certification, Nicki Minaj join her fellow Queen Bey and becomes the 2nd and last album [so far] to earn a RIAA Album double platinum certification.

*Rihanna’s latest album ‘Anti’ is set to be the third album to earn a double platinum RIAA certification.